Anatomie d'un Cep de vigne

(qui deviendra champagne)
Anatomie d'un Cep de vigne
Climbing plants, knotted branches, barely-there leaves and precious fruits, with the vines as the objects of everyone’s attention and the source of Maison Ruinart’s exceptional varieties.

Les vendanges Ruinart

The harvest is a whirlwind of intense emotions.
It’s a mix of childhood memories, astonishing stories, along with the desire to share, transmit, and forge a cultural heritage. Live the ballet of the harvest through the perspectives of five different people from the Maison Ruinart.
I’m opening the doors of the Maison Ruinart
  • Olivier Livoir

    Hospitality Manager
    The Impatience of Childhood 01
    The harvest is, more than anything, a childhood memory for me: the excitement of that first Saturday morning when I woke up at 5 AM, and waited impatiently in the courtyard, shears in hand, to join the grape harvesters, who were sometimes far less eager than I to start tackling the next grueling eight days.
  • Frédéric Dufour

    President of the Maison
    Between intensity and patience 02
    The harvest is a matter of time. Long-term time and short-term time. Time that must be respected. Nature has been preparing herself for 12 months. Then the harvest takes up all of our energy for two weeks. And this is only the first step for the wine that will emerge in three years. Time really does take over.
  • Caroline Fiot

    An Unique Sensorial Experience 03
    The harvest is a human adventure, filled with persistent work, sharing, and passion. The magic continues into fermentation, where the vats become intoxicated with the chant of fruit-filled scents. Truly, a unique sensory experience…
  • Raphaele Leon-Grillon

    Responsable production
    The Season of Paradox 04
    For me, the harvest is the time of all paradoxes;
    The end of a year of labor in the vineyards and the birth of a wine;
    A mix of rigor and precision to recreate our emblematic Blanc de Blancs;
    The freedom to express the dream and the specific personality of a year through the prism of a vintage;
    The excitement of following the aromatic evolution of the raisins, glimpsing the juices coming out of the presses, smelling the pressed fruits as they ferment, and tasting the wines in their earliest days.
    Ultimately, it’s an intense moment of sharing and togetherness where each person feels called upon to enhance the work of the wine-growers and to offer our clients the freshness and the aromatic expression of what we do, both of which have become the signatures of our champagnes.
  • Frédéric Panaïotis

    Ruinart Cellar master
    The Height of the Year 05
    The harvest is very intense, in terms of work, but also fascinating! Each year is different, so you have to be sensitive and really question yourself, all while maintaining Ruinart’s style so that you’re sure to collect the best parts of what makes each vintage unique. The harvest is the culmination of a year of working the vines and it also launches the beginning of blend-tasting season: it lies at the heart of our oenological work and it’s where we direct all of our creative passion.